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December 2023

Annual PCMA Salary Survey
Shows Increase for Most Planners

The Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) recently released the results of its annual salary survey, perhaps the industry’s most comprehensive look at compensation for meeting organizers. These year’s results are based on responses from 800 survey participants. Here are some highlights:

1. Seventy-two percent of respondents said they got a raise last year, three points down from the year before. The average raise was nearly 7 percent. The average salary for all respondents was $83,782.

2. The average salary for meeting professionals with 1-to-3 years of experience was $53,788; 4-to-5 years, $62,750; 6-to-8 years, $70,746; 9-to-10 years, $75,714; and 10-plus years, $93,352.

3. Respondents with a CMP earned on average more than $10,500 a year than colleagues without the designation: $89,627 versus $79,013.

4. The average workweek for all respondents was 46 hours, but nearly one-quarter reported spending more than 50 hours a week on the job. Long hours, stress, and lack of home/life balance were frequently cited as things respondents like least about their jobs.

5. Sixty-seven percent said they have had additional responsibilities added to their job description this year, and 77 percent said they have not been compensated for taking on those additional duties.

6. The average respondent was 43 years old with 10 years of experience. Fifty-six percent of respondents were 40 and older; 61 percent have more than 10 years of meeting-management experience. Ninety percent of respondents were female.

For more on the survey, click here.

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