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December 2023

Build a Better Event Website

Make it easier and more compelling for people to register for your meeting by creating a website that is well designed and easy to navigate. How, specifically, do you accomplish that?

For starters, make sure copy is succinct and focused on key information, noted Katie Sawyer in a blog post for Eventbrite, a tech platform for managing events. That means providing event date, location, time, price and other details in easily digestible information bites. Make sure there’s a clearly visible “click here to register” button.

Other tips include:

Use engaging photography. “Copy and content are important, but visual cues play an equally active role in the attendee’s decision-making process by providing a glimpse into the event experience,” Sawyer said. “So be sure to build your event website to feature imagery that captures the vibe of your event and portrays it as a can’t-miss experience.”

Offer testimonials. “A testimonial from an influential expert or a past attendee can help add credibility to your event in a way that your description alone cannot.”

Provide a simple, seamless checkout experience. “Research shows that each step in the checkout or registration process leads to a 10 percent reduction in transactions. So make the purchase process as straightforward as possible.”

Use search engine optimization (SEO). SEO will help your ideal audience find your event website. Using the right keywords will help boost your ranking on Google and other search engines. “Once you’ve identified the ones you want to rank for, make sure to incorporate them into your copy, headlines and image alt tags,” Sawyer said.

For more detailed tips on website design and content, check out Eventbrite’s “The Essential Elements of a Sell-Out Event Website.”

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