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June 2021

Adobe White Paper

Engage Audiences to the Max
With These Mobile Best Practices

With audience engagement key to the success of your meetings and your organization, a recent Adobe White Paper on Mobile Usage shares data and best practices to help you better target your audience on their mobile device of choice:

Usage Patterns

• For consumers who own both a smartphone and a tablet, the primary device is still the smartphone (88%).

• Android smartphones are the most popular by ownership percentage (58% young, 50% middle-age, 38% senior) across all age groups.

• Apple tablets (iPads) are the most popular with young (27%) and middle-age (31%) groups; 56% of owners share their device with other family members.

• Across mobile platforms (Android vs. Apple), ownership by gender is equally distributed across males and females.

• Facebook is by far the dominant social network for mobile (85%), with Twitter at 35%, and Google+ at 21%.

• More than 87% of young and middle-age groups access social media via mobile devices.

• Scanning QR codes is becoming mainstream: 38% of young and 40% of middle-age groups have scanned in the past three months.

• Location services are on the rise, driven by consumer desire to check in. Younger demographics are more likely to check in (35%) versus senior (18%).

Best Practices to Follow

Design for mobile interactions. Take advantage of mobile display controls such as finger swipe, touch, drag, pinch, and zoom. Use simple, large buttons to designate interactions and navigation, such as a large shopping cart or video play button, along with large-viewer or full-screen interactive zoom and pan, 360-degree spin, and enhanced video functionalities.

Optimize for speed. Incorporate dynamic media content, such as images, video, and campaign banners, that automatically adjusts content size, resolution, and format delivery based on the device platform and network detection.

Make content “findability” easy. Use explicit navigational cues for easy browsing, as well as auto-suggest and auto-correct in search input boxes to address the difficulty of mobile.

Reduce touch events to drive conversion. Conversion should occur within three touch events.

Click here to access the white paper. — Maxine Golding

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